Qloud Cover for Qlik

Qloud Cover for Qlik

For Qlik users, by Qlik users

Welcome to Qloud Cover. Equip you and your team of Qlik enthusiasts with our compatible products.

The Qloud Cover suite is tailored for companies and developers who rely on Qlik for their data and analytics needs.

Unlock the full potential of Qlik with our exclusive suite of tools designed to enhance and streamline your workflows.

Qloud Cover Backup is a powerful SaaS solution to simplify backups for your Qlik Cloud Tenant.

Qloud Cover Migration enables seamless migration from Qlik Sense Client-Managed to Qlik Cloud.

Qloud Cover Writeback enables dynamic tables within Qlik Sheets with the ability to write to a database.

Qloud Cover LiveQuery enables execution of queries directly from your Qlik app to your data warehouse.

Qloud Cover Version Control enables version control within your Qlik Cloud Tenant.

Why choose Qloud Cover?

Qloud Cover is more than just a set of extensions; it’s your partner in ensuring a smooth and efficient Qlik Cloud environment that meets all your requirements.

Developed by Stretch Qonnect, our tools bridge the gaps that Qlik hasn’t addressed, providing you with a smoother, more efficient, and productive experience.

Discover a world where platform management is simplified and your analytics capabilities are enhanced.

Join us at Qloud Cover and revolutionize the way you use Qlik today!